May 28, 2012

A Farewell to Cannes

I find this title fitting, especially after seeing Hemingway and Gellhorn. I'm currently sitting in my bed, the one at my house, evaluating the incredible experience that just happened to me.

But first, let me share with you my experience earlier in the day. Gary, Ari, Hayley and I shared a cab to the airport. We got there and realized this was our last opportunity to make it to Longchamp for our sisters and moms. We ran from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, only to discover that we needed to go back to Terminal 2, where our flight was leaving from. I felt so bad for Gary and Ari. Anyway, we got to the store only to find the most horrible, minuscule collection of bags I had ever seen. And none for Jenna. Sad days.

It was soon time to board the plane. We stood up, only to find ourselves standing behind Tye Sheridan aka Ellis aka the star of Mud, the Jeff Nichols film starring Matthew McCounaghey and Reese Witherspoon. He was with his family and we talked to him for 20 minutes. First of all, we were thrilled to finally be able to tell him about our anger at his not being the first actor listed in the end credits. That was something we had wanted to say and were thrilled to have said it. Then we went on talking about the actual process he went through during filming. He told us that he was schooled on set in Arkansas rather than in his home of Texas, over three hours away. His mom, who was so sweet, told us that it was a huge strain on the family, but that it was worth it for her son to be able to live out his dream, especially because he really is such a talented kid. The conversation continued all the way to the plane, until Alec Baldwin swooped him and snatched him away from us. Oh well. The price of being on the cusp of celebrity.

On the plane, Hayley and I sat next to each other in the aisle and window, respectively, with Gary just across the aisle, which was very exciting.  I watched a few movies (finally seeing The Muppets, which I adored) and had a very pleasant flight, as Hayley and I spread all over each other.

We landed, I got picked up after saying bye, and now, here I am, sitting in bed, thinking over all that I have learned.

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