May 23, 2012

Cannes, Day 7: Pathetic Fallacy is such a real thing.

Today, we really wanted to see some in competition films, aka Brad Pitt was going to be at the premiere of his new movie Killing Them Softly at 7, so we (Sharon) had to get in. We started off our morning with another in competition film called The Angels' Share, which was tense, but still fun and lighthearted. While I really liked the movie and had a very enjoyable viewing experience, it was definitely not one of the best films around. In the context of the series of small depressions that most films create every day, however, we all loved it. Read my full review here.

Then, it was sushi time. And the sun had come out! My mood had changed after the film from down to up and the sun only reinforced that jubliance, hence the title of my blog. The sushi was odd, but very good, although I have never encountered such slow service at a sushi place. Then again, the fact that my stomach was eating itself probably contributed to the slowing of time. After, we had gelato. I had four scoops. It was wonderful.

Rawson and I returned to change, and eventually Hayley came back as well. As we questioned Arthur about his claim to being a national ping pong champion, Hayley emerged, looking great for Brad. We made our way over, and I was all set to beg, when I got a phone call from Sharon saying that we had gotten all the tickets. It was awesome. Rawson, Sharon, Hayley and I spent some time taking pictures, which was great because we all looked fantastic. Then, it was time to walk the red carpet.

We showed them our tickets and stepped onto the red carpet. We looked around and paused. Oh hey P. Diddy! Yeah, we were casually walking the red carpet with him. Not necessarily my celebrity of choice, but still very cool.

We got inside the theater and Brad emerged from his car. First, let me say that people had camped out all day in order to see this man, who looked awful with his long hair and beard. Whatever happened to the Brad of Thelma and Louise? He milked the crowd for awhile. Sharon thought it was nice of him to acknowledge his fans. I thought it was self-indulgent and narcissistic, and that it detracted from the rest of the stars of the film. Angelina wasn't with him. I thought Sharon was going to cry. But when he entered the theater, she still took pictures of him on the jumbo tron. When we looked at the picture, however, we realized that the one person in the background we could see was none other than our very own Hayley Brooks.

The film turned out to be very mediocre. A full on disappointment, especially after having very high expectations. Read the full review here.

After, we met up with Zoe (who was also in the screening) for dinner, which was really fun. We laughed and talked and I had a bit of whisky because that was about 50% of The Angels' Share so I felt an obligation. We walked out, and saw that there were fireworks across the street, so we watched those for some time, until the smoke and residue filled up the entire city. No longer so pleasant.

When we got back, we changed and Arthur, Rawson, Sharon, Hayley and I went to the beach and hung out there for an hour. There's nothing better than night beaching with friends, having the waves crashing around us as we stare into the lights of Cannes. What a way to end the night.

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