May 23, 2012

Cannes, Day 5: Water, Water, Everywhere.

Today was a rather melancholy, single film day.

We woke up rather early to go see Thomas Vinterberg's film The Hunt, another one of the many in competition films we have seen so far. It was wonderfully done, full of tension, drama, and excellent acting. Definitely one of the best competition films we have seen. Read my full review here.

We then got in line to see another film, until Hayley and I got a text from a producer we had met while begging for tickets the very first night. He wanted to have lunch with us! So we booked ourselves over to the Majestic, where we met with him while sipping some Perrier. I was an incredibly interesting experience to hear the trajectory his career took over the course of his life and how he finally ended up in film. He essentially gave us a lesson on Producing 101, explaining to us the different facets of production and how to become a successful producer. He then proceeded to tell us in full detail the careers of many of his favorite producers, explaining to us that we need to understand those we wish to emulate.

2 hours later (yes, the meeting lasted two hours, which was incredibly nice of him), we ran over to meet everyone else through a torrential downpour in winds that should be classified as a tropical storm at the very least. I wanted to go to a screening at the Salle du 60, but apparently the tent "blew up" according to one of the guards. That freaked me out for a bit, until he explained the wind "wooshed" and the tent went "clap."  Mildly different to be blown over than to be blown up.

So we went back to the rooms and decided to have an inside evening, which was so much fun for all of us. A few sing-alongs later, it was bedtime. Here in Cannes, we were able to find fun, even as rain poured from a gray sky.

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