May 27, 2012

Cannes, Day 12: Tears from Above

Waking up to bid Sharon adieu was not a fun experience, but alas, one that needed to be done. We parted ways, leaving three of us to fend for ourselves.

So we did what we always do- see a movie. This time it was Holy Motors, which had premiered earlier int he competition to rave reviews. Gary actually told us that he expected it to win the Palme, which, after seeing Amour, was a statement I took with skepticism. We waited outside the Debussy for a bit, and once we were let in, were shoved up to the balcony. Fortunately for us, we were able to snag the first row, providing us with a comfortable foot rest.

I was tired, and was concerned that I would fall asleep during the film. I had not slept in any film except for 15 minutes of Pas Tenebras Lux, so I really wanted to keep up with myself. Fortunately, the movie kept me engaged the entire time, and ultimately became my favorite movie - the one I hoped would win the Palme. I also decided that no matter what, this film has to be one of the two I write about in my final paper.  Read more about the movie here.

After the movie, the torrential downpour began. It must have been my own sadness falling down, each drop that hit my head was one that I felt inside. But still, Hayley and I tried to run some errands. Longchamp - fail. Poster tube - fail. "Oh, what is life?" we lamented to one another.

We got back and the thunder began. We decided not to try and beg for the closing ceremonies. As hard as we had worked, drenching my tux was not worth the 25 minute ceremony. So we just sat and relaxed and cried (internally, of course). Then it was time for Arthur to leave. Even more sadness.

Hayley and I had wanted to go to this restaurant for dinner that was recommended to us by a friend, and, luckily, the rain had cleared up. Unfortunately, there was a giant stop sign in front of the restaurant in the form of the owner, who told us that there was no way we would be eating there without a reservation.

Ultimately, it was for the best, as we  ended up eating with Nicola, Peter, Takara, Ari, Gary and Deedee. We had a great meal at the place we ate the first night, with a full conversation that ended up being a nice way to close the program.

We talked about the winners of the festival - we all agreed that it was fair for Amour to win the Palme, as it was my second favorite film. We were also all thrilled that Beasts of the Southern Wild won the Camera d'Or, as we were all thoroughly impressed by the incredible technique and storytelling of the film. Lastly, I was  excited that my prediction that Mads Mikkelsen would win Best Actor for The Hunt was correct.

After that, Gary and Takara and I went to a bar, where we hung out until 2. It was a great night to say goodbye, but it still couldn't stop the sinking feeling in my heart that this once in a lifetime opportunity was over.

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